Kelachandra is a distinguished uPVC pipe manufacturer and supplier based in Kerala, known for providing a broad spectrum of high-quality uPVC piping solutions. Their products are designed to cater to a variety of applications, ensuring durability and performance. Among their offerings, the Non ISI uPVC Pasting Pipes are recognized for their practicality in numerous settings. They also supply uPVC Threadable Pipes, known for their ease of installation and robustness in both residential and commercial constructions. Kelachandra\'s Compost Pipe with End Cap stands out for its innovative design, enhancing the efficiency of waste management systems. Their Fabricated Fittings are tailored to meet specific requirements, offering flexibility and precision. Moreover, the ISI Marked uPVC Pasting Pipes (IS 4985) represent the pinnacle of their product line, meeting national standards of quality and safety. As a key player in Kerala\'s construction and infrastructure sector, Kelachandra remains committed to excellence, continually expanding their reach and improving their products to serve their customers better.