The Spectacular Revival of Kerala from 2018 Floods.

The Spectacular Revival of Kerala from 2018 Floods.

Kerala floods 2018, the worst that had happened since 1924. Kerala is now in the state of rebuilding. Its survival has been the most celebrated as it gave the whole world the strong message of humanity. Kerala now stands as the epitome of perseverance and unity.

The first stage of this disaster was overcome by the efficient cooperation of the people of Kerala. Officials and civilians joined together as one strong team regardless of all the factors that once created sectors in our society. They joined together for the rescue operations and provided all the support to the relief camps.

People of the flood-stricken areas have now gone back to their homes. But, it is sad to see that some of them have to build their life from the scratch. Now Kerala is in the second phase of rebuilding. This second stage of rebuilding is the ensuring of livelihood. Most people have lost their basic necessity and to recover that loss need much attention. According to Shashi Tharoor, we need a “professional need assessment” team. Such a team can ensure the detection of areas that require more attention, thus the available relief funds can be used in the most effective manner.

While we arise from the flood, we should also look forward to being equipped in the future to resist huge loss.

  1. Forming of a trained disaster management wing is a necessity. It will improve the quality and efficiency of the rescue operations.

  2. Like in the foreign countries, flood resistant houses (amphibious houses) could be built as they are proved to be indestructible. But they are mostly disregarded due to their high cost.

  3. Proper awareness should be given to the people residing in the vulnerable areas.

  4. The factors triggering the climate such as the illegal sanctioning of mining and quarrying should be strongly discouraged for the sake of nature and society.

As Kerala is equipped with the resolve, it needs to survive a disaster. It can surely remake itself into a disaster-proof state. After the flood, reports states that there is a risk of severe drought. Drinking water is already scarce as most of the water bodies are polluted after the flood. It will get worst if the drought strikes, so take measures to conserve water while rebuilding your properties.

Yes, Kerala was hit, but let’s take this as an opportunity to create a new empowered Kerala.   Kerala with the dreams, united with one religion called humanity: The Gods own country.